Thursday, December 29, 2005

MUSIC - The Cuban Brothers A to Z

Artist - Various
Title – The Cuban Brothers A to Z
Label – Sunday Best
Format - CD album
Release date – Out now
Website –
Item source – Sunday Best

Anyone who has been out clubbing or popped to a festival over the last few years can't have failed to be amused by The Cuban Brothers sublime cabaret act.

Here the spray-tanned ones unleash an album of sounds that help form the backdrop to their hilarious stage shows.

Beginning with the Average White Band ('Pick up the pieces') and culminating with Zapp's 'Mo bounce to the ounce' this is a veritable alphabetic trudge through great funk and hip hop moments. While there's more than a fair splattering of classics from the likes of Naughty by Nature and Lionel Richie, young upstarts Fat Freddy's Drop and Ugly Duckling offer cheeky littles slices of their worlds.

While the track choice is faultless the skits by the boys that crop up along the way may cause short-term amusment before inducing long-term annoyance. Still when you enter the world of The Cuban Brothers you're at their mercy and let's be thankful for that.