Saturday, December 17, 2005

MUSIC - Sing-Sing 'Sing-Sing and I'

Artist - Sing-Sing
Title – Sing-Sing and I
Label – Aerial Records

Format - CD album
Release date – January 23rd
Website –
Item source – Emma Anderson

Popular consensus suggests that before Damon, Liam, Jarvis et al gatecrashed the public conscience British music was in a bit of a bad state. It’s at this point that the spotlight normally falls on Kurt Cobain and the global dominance of ‘grunge’. While sales undoubtedly back this up, such a short-sighted vision hides the fact of just how good some of our own crop really were. Alongside the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Ride, Lush were at the forefront of a scene known to most as ‘shoegazing’, a guitar-led form of sonics that offered the listener a more insular experience than the mass communal that Britpop would soon serve up.

While both Ride and My Bloody Valentine dropped out of the game to cameo later (Ride’s Andy Bell with Oasis, MBV’s Kevin Shields with Primal Scream) Lush solider on, growing with the climate and in the process enjoying their biggest chart successes.

Now years after the band called it a day, one of the band’s key focal points (along with Miki Berenyi) Emma Anderson resurfaces again with her latest project Sing-Sing.

The Anderson-penned album opener ‘Lover’ announces itself with the kind of pop-punch that later Lush singles ‘Ladykiller’ and ‘Single Girl’ oozed so freely while elsewhere the sweet, spikey narrative of ‘Mister Kadali’ invites you into the world of hooky spiritual healers .

With sea-shanty sing-a-longs (‘The time has come’) and woozy moments aplenty (‘Going out tonight’, ‘Come, sing me a song’) the sweeping grace that runs throughout warms a seat and drops your shoes onto wooden floorboards with a much-needed elegance.

While others prefer to offer jarring bouts of bile-ridden fury, Sing Sing are seemingly more than aware that when coupled with, ahem, a lush bed of melodies the occasional barbed word can linger more menacingly no matter how sweetly sung.


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  • I just cannot get "The Time Has Come" off my CD player or out of my mind. It is indeed a sea-shanty come to the 21st Century. This is a wonderous song. Proggers and fans of English folk-song alike should like this tune. The song could be much more than it is--were it given real instruments and a richer vocal track but as it is, it is a gem.

    What I don't get is how and why various and sundry music reviewers constantly have some need to compare this or that group to this or that other group. Who cares?! I am 48 and I could care less what some reviewer says about how this or that group sounds like some other group. All I care about is quality and if a song or a group gets me off. Sing-Sing is who they are and sure, in any time period in music there will be comparisons but why belabor the point? Emma is who she is and Lush was what it was. Just listen. En-joy the art. En-joy the feeling. Enjoy musicians who do not care about the trendy, the money, but tend their craft. Lush was always about the craft, not the hype and so also, Sing-Sing.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:38 am  

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