Monday, December 12, 2005

Welcome to

This is a blog set up for the simple purpose of reviewing everything sent to it.

Founded by a journalist with over 6 years professional experience and a CV that includes the likes of The Face, The Guardian, Mixmag, i-D, Esquire (amongst others) ireviewanything will cast opinion on EVERYTHING FROM MUSIC DEMOS/RELEASES TO POP-UP TOASTERS.

The only rules are that we need physical items rather than just some boring email press release.


(What may be) FAQ -

Q - What do you review?
A - Literally anything! If you send a demo of your new band, it will be reviewed! If you send a food mixer, it will be reviewed! If you send clothing, it will be reviewed! If it's made of metal, wood or plastic, if you send it it'll be reviewed! Please don't send live animals!

Q - How long will it take for you to review something?
A- This all depends on how much the site has been sent at one particular time. Items will be reviewed in a first come, first reviewed order. There will be no queue-jumping!

Q - How long will each review be in length?
A - It could be 20, it could be 200, it could be 2,000; it all depends on the item and how much we like it. Even if we really like something we may not write loads about it; sometimes less is more!

Q- Why should we trust what you think?
A - Well, you don't have to but with over 6 years experience in writing about the likes of music, fashion, sport and household appliances ireviewanything is certainly more knowledgable than most and will give you an honest opinion.

Q- How are your football team doing at the moment?
A - No comment

Q- How do I send you stuff?
A - Email me at my gmail address and I'll let you know from there


  • I like it. What can I send you? Will you review my mix tape?

    By Blogger Mark, at 6:13 pm  

  • Hi Dave,

    yes, of course I'll review your mixtape. If you've written a poem, recorded a song, built a shed from twigs or invented a robot I'll review it for you. Just email me at and i'll send you my postal details.

    By Blogger Elbowgreased, at 11:36 am  

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